Yearbook Sales & Winter Dance - February 14, 2019

Yearbook Sales & Winter Dance - February 14, 2019

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Tamalpais Families,

Last week our 9th grade students in Ms. Wentworth’s Dance class welcomed a guest judge from the local Luna Dance Institute to give real time feedback during an audition for the spring performance. Every student was expected to perform a group routine as the culminating project. The rigor of the audition setting meant that students really stepped up their game in preparation, finding moments outside of class to get help on their routines. We are proud of our dancers for taking risks and growing their performance skills! See photos below.

If you haven’t lately, you should ask your child to tell you about the projects they are working on for each of their classes. Project-based learning at Summit Tam gives our students an opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in college and future careers through authentic performances.

See notes below to get involved in upcoming events on campus!

In partnership,

Abbie, Aukeem, Joi, Natalia